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#1 2011-11-30 14:39:16

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pcoffre said:

Talend Unified Platform 5.0.0 is Available

Dear Community members,

We are proud to announce that Talend's 5.0.0 Unified Platform release is available.
Download Talend's Unified Platform General Availability version.

Compared to version 4.2.3, many new features have been added. Following are the most important features included in the milestones and release candidates for Talend Open Studio for Data Integration (previously Talend Open Studio), Talend Open Studio for Data Quality (previously Talend Open Profiler), Talend Open Studio for MDM (previously Talend MDM Community Edition) and Talend Open Studio for ESB (previously Talend ESB).

Talend Open Studio for Data Integration

In RC2:

- TDI-17358: new flow created via "*New Output* (Main)" does not appears in SCHEMAS parameter table

In RC1:

Studio :
- TDI-17374:Exchange view: create a new plugin for exchange system.(almost finished )
- TDI-17999:Import from repository should also import the MDM metadata

Components :
- TDI-17994: Add the option transfert mode in component "tFTPFileProperties component"
- TDI-17944: Create the component tMDMTriggerOutput
- TDI-17943: Create the component tMDMTriggerInput
- TDI-17941: XMLMap: Add an option to write all the input data in only one document
- TDI-17908: Manage the tXMLMap rejects like in the tMap
- TDI-17890: tXMLMap: Add the possibility to create (OR NOT) an empty element
- TDI-17463: Create the component tWriteJSONField

In M5:

- TDI-17374: New Exchange system (not fully working)
- TDI-17372: Getting Started modified, use html page. (DI only)
- TDI-17373: New TalendForge account linking.
- TDI-17229: Usage Data Collector.
- TDI-17592: Review Talend Open Studio Login dialog.
- TDI-17258: Add a new attribute like: SHOW_IF with type:String for the ELEMENT:RETURN.

- TDI-17815: the path in the tOldDbOutput_begin.javajet&tOleDbOutput_main.javajet are incorrect
- TDI-17614: Create a generic component for Teradata TPT
- TDI-17492: Aggregating multiple 'rows' in tXMLMap component
- TDI-17498: Can't write binary data with tFileOutputLdif
- TDI-17470: Vertica components: Support of Vertica 5.0
- TDI-17463: Create the component tWriteJSONField
- TDI-17303: tfileinputmsxml uses wrong dtd file location in the input xml file
- TDI-13094: GlobalMap coming from tLoop doesn't work
- TDI-12941: tMysqlOutputBulk - no error when disk is full

In M4:

- TDI-17222: Wizard Db connection for Oracle RAC.
- TDI-17310: Remove Perl.
- TDI-17413: Review the system of libraries (keep jars in original location / avoid to use .JavaLibs in commandline)
- TDI-8697: Change display of repository for Services. (ESB)


- TDI-17448: Add the possibility to use the tXMLMap as a virtual component
- TDI-17383: Salesforce component: Add an advanced option to set the Client ID
- TDI-17285: Please update JSch to latest release
- TDI-17283: tFileOutputPositional should use toPlainString() for BigDecimal
- TDI-17276: tSybaseBulkExec component should support the interface file when calling bcp.exe
- TDI-17256: Option to mask data entry to Question tMsgBox
- TDI-17250: Refactor the tFileInputPositional
- TDI-17195: tOracleOutput : truncate table reuse storage
- TDI-17162: Support of Oracle RAC in the existing Oracle components
- TDI-17022: Amazon RDS components
- TDI-6890: "java Code of a method longer than 65535 bytes" in tFileOutputPositional
- TDI-16974: tXMLMap : Match model : support "Unique match" and "First match"

In M3:

- Prepare implementation for the future OBR.
- Change the storage to have separate file for screenshots.
- Improve OSGI export system (prepare for unified platform).
- Enhance the display of the tXmlMap.
- Add a possibility to link files to properties. (Allow to save easily xsd / wsdl in repository with all standard repository functionality like move/rename...).
- Use components/ext only for user components not for other components providers.
- For Talend ESB: add service repository (planned to finish in M4).


- tMicrosoftCrmExecute.
- Develop missing features in tXMLMap.
- Support Document type in XMLMap lookup.
- tXMLMap : Support "Left outer join" in lookup table.
- tXMLMap: Lookup model: support "Reload at each row" and "Reload at each row (cache)" mod.
- Development of tSAPBWInput.
- Refactor Oracle components.
- Improve tOracleInput.
- Improve tOracleOutputBulkExec.
- Amazon RDS components.
- Develop the Amazon components for Oracle.
- Download and verify the components tAmazonRDS* (Amazon RDS for Mysql).

In M1/M2:

- Look and feel enhancement of tXmlMap

- tFileFetch Cookies Are Not Being Applied
- Implicit conversion in DOS format when attached file with tsendMail component
- MQ non-destructive read
- Create a new tMDMConnection ant a tMDMClose components
- In the component tFileList, the text type of "Exclude FileMask" is a limitation to the function of the component
- "tMicrosoftCRMOutput won't connect to MS Dynamic CRM2011 Online"
- Cannot keep data in CDC table (Ingres)
- Upgrade jasper report library

Talend Open Studio for Data Quality

In RC3:

- TDQ-1837     Add a preference option to limit the number of analyzed columns

In M5:

- Phone number validation indicators

In M4:

- TDQ-1845 Add Filters in DQ Repository view
- TDQ-1760 Java UDI: not convinient to delete udi jar files

In M3:

- Add the phone number indicators in the column analysis report.
- Add filters in column or table selection dialogs.

In M1/M2:

- Add filters in column or table selection dialogs
- Create phone number validation indicators
- DQ Repository View: Add Filters in DQ Repository view
- Java UDI: not convinient to delete udi jar files
- Cheat sheet to deduplicate data
- Create the ParserRule object
- Create phone number validation indicators
- Add the phone number indicators in the column analysis report

Talend Open Studio for MDM

In RC3:

- [TMDM-2290] - Open /save Process in the repositoryView
- [TMDM-2416] - create/open picture resource in the repositoryView
- [TMDM-2491] - Share server connection information between Server View and Repository View
- [TMDM-2608] - Update must allow deletion on the server-side too
- [TMDM-2651] - The update server dialog must indicate what it is going to do
- [TMDM-2714] - Auto-deploy to last server on save
- [TMDM-2744] - Real classpath isolation in job ran by the "jobox" (zip) container
- [TMDM-2777] - logical delete+recyclebin

In RC2:


- [TMDM-2610] - Restore the "browse" action on views, rename as "Test"
- [TMDM-2633] - MDM Component Rework (tMDMTriggerInput / tMDMTriggerOutput)
- [TMDM-2653] - The confirmation dialog upon deploying objects should reflect what was actually done
- [TMDM-2707] - Deprecate MDM Server view
- [TMDM-2718] - Server selection basics

Web UI

- [TMDM-2489] - Item browser gxt refactor -- item FK relations
- [TMDM-2496] - To add default value rule for tree panel in new item browser refractor
- [TMDM-2612] - BrowseRecords---ForeignKey component display in ForeignKey Tab
- [TMDM-2627] - Polishing the current new web server -- Actions selector and truncated words for all webapp
- [TMDM-2628] - Polishing the current new web server -- Import and Export
- [TMDM-2655] - Composite View navigation
- [TMDM-2679] - FT search in web ui, displaying the entity name in the 2nd drop-down is misleading
- [TMDM-2728] - Open the detailed panel in the outermost tabpanel
- [TMDM-2734] - Increase the default # of lines per page in the search result
- [TMDM-2662] - CSS Tuning on the new item browser to make it comply with the expected Look&Feel (attachment).
- [TMDM-2678] - Look and feel rework

In RC1:

- [TMDM-1711] - Fr translations handling
- [TMDM-1826] - Item browser gxt refactor -- rules
- [TMDM-1843] - Item browser gxt refactor -- Inheritance & polymorphism
- [TMDM-1865] - Filter by object category in the repository view
- [TMDM-1868] - Item browser gxt refactor -- form
- [TMDM-2390] - Item browser gxt refactor -- Clone
- [TMDM-2391] - Item browser gxt refactor -- Composite view
- [TMDM-2392] - Item browser gxt refactor -- TreeDetail refactor and FK list display
- [TMDM-2395] - Item browser gxt refactor -- Entity Banner
- [TMDM-2397] - Item browser gxt refactor -- Custom UI Form Designer
- [TMDM-2434] - Item browser gxt refactor -- Banner
- [TMDM-2502] - Revisit 'Deploy All' action
- [TMDM-2530] - Import/Export custom form objects from MDM Repository View to the server
- [TMDM-2555] - implement context menu for data model entity/element
- [TMDM-2564] - add remove function for fk node list
- [TMDM-2566] - Repository studio Integration: Item property view
- [TMDM-2567] - MDM Repository cosmetic changes
- [TMDM-2607] - Primary Key info presentation in the header panel
- [TMDM-2609] - Browse container on the data-container repository object, like in the MDM server view
- [TMDM-2613] - BrowseRecords---Display ForeignKey Tab and create ForeignKey
- [TMDM-2696] - Omit the root element when displaying the default form layout

In M5:

- MDM Repository view integrated with the platform repository fully functional
- Graphical custom form editor

Web UI:
- Most web modules ported to GXT
- Redevelopment of web forms with composite view

- Foreign key integrity constraint

In M3:

- Offer a duplicate action on a repeating element within a group (complex-type). An additional '+' button that clones the element instead of adding a new empty element. Should work with a repeating complex-type too, in which case it clones the complete fragment.

In M1/M2:

- Auto-expand annotation for data model
- Consistency of process results
- Regain some vertical real estate in data-model

Talend Open Studio for ESB

In RC3:

- [TESB-3705] – ESB Studio move to released camel (2.8.2) and cxf (2.5.0)
- [TESB-3760] – Route Builder: Add new cRecipientList component into Router

In RC2:

- [TESB-3352] – Routes: ESB Features support for cCXF components for SL & SAM
- [TESB-3486] – Rent-A-Car sample runs together with new Talend STS
- [TESB-3531] – Data Service: Custom Locator properties for Data Services Consumer
- [TESB-3590] – Data Service: Simplify selection of the services from the workspace in tESBConsumer component
- [TESB-3690] – Data Service: Improved security configuration in tESBConsumer
- [TESB-3583] - Data Service: Improve service metadata editing dialog
Change request
- [TESB-3527] – Locator Service: Enhancements / Interface updates and additional improvements
- [TESB-3546] – Routes: Camel components required by Route builder components preinstalled in Karaf container
- [TESB-3621] – Data Services: studio web service export: change way for generate runtime configuration to template mechanism
- [TESB-3637] – Data Services: Change the metadata editing action title
- [TESB-3655] – Data Services: Remove namespace schema folder when import WSDL schema

In RC1:

- [TESB-2366] – STS: Support KerberosToken in WS-Security header of RST
- [TESB-2367] – STS: Issued SAML Token must be extensible for custom AttributeStatements
- [TESB-2368] – STS: Custom Claims providers
- [TESB-2369] – STS: TokenProvider and TokenValidator must be able to give more context of the error condition
- [TESB-2370] – STS: Username/password authenticator
- [TESB-2371] – STS: An STS JVM must support several authentication systems (IDM)
- [TESB-2911] – STS: Token caching in CXF intermediary service
- [TESB-2971] – Authentication for Data Services
- [TESB-3056] - Enable security for Data Services
- [TESB-3081] - Samples in the software package instead of the documentation package
- [TESB-3104] - Plain ActiveMQ Distribution in Talend ESB Runtime package
- [TESB-3122] – STS: Signature and encryption username and passphrase configurable
- [TESB-3156] - Automated start / stop of Routes and Data Services
- [TESB-3279] - Karaf Cellar in TESB (Technical Prev.)
- [TESB-3351] - tESBProviderRequest Component should use new 'Service' item
- [TESB-3438] - Rename ESB runtime to reflect broadened scope
- [TESB-3525] - Add context names to the OSGi feature configuration
- [TESB-3530] - ESB CXF Features as OSGi Services

Change requests:
- [TESB-2133] - Include Karaf-Webconsole as preinstalled feature
- [TESB-3328] - Update tHttp request and response types to Document
- [TESB-3413] - Talend Runtime: Remove explicit start / stop commands & update list commands
- [TESB-3545] - Configurable CXF work queues in Karaf

In M5:


- [TESB-2498] [Studio] Export Service and Route as OSGI bundle(s)
- [TESB-3174] [RouteBuilder] Generated code for Routes now support stop and shutdown

- [TESB-3028] [Studio] Migrated to CXF 2.5.0-SNAPSHOT and Camel 2.8.2-SNAPSHOT
- [TESB-3186] [Studio] Renamed tHTTPRequest and tHTTPResponse to tRESTRequest and tRESTResponse
- [TESB-3229] [RouteBuilder] Renamed cCamelContext component to cConfig
- [TESB-2744] [Components] Jobs that uses tESB* components should rely on OSGi require-bundle instead of embedded bundles.


- TESB-1446 - Enable Service Locator for Rest based services.
- TESB-2692 - Implement the Rest interface for the Service Locator proxy
- TESB-2972 - Include CXF-STS in delivery
- TESB-3060 - Expose all Talend Runtime specific commands via JMX MBeans
- TESB-3068 - Ready to deploy Archiva package for Tomcat

- TESB-2938 - Same native OS metrics in Karaf embedded JobServer as in stand-alone JobServer

In M3:

- New tHTTPRequest and tHTTPResponse component for implementing REST-full service providers.
- Importing Camel Routes from Spring XML file.
- New specialized components for CXF, File, JMS, FTP and ActiveMQ.
- Displaying custom properties in TAC SAM UI.
- Paging and sorting in TAC SL UI.

In M1/M2:

ESB Studio Standard Edition

Data Services Builder:
- Automatic import of XML Schemas from WSDL to Metadata. It is simpler now to re-use WSDL types in tXMLMap.
- Custom properties support for SAM Events in tESB Components: now it's possible to attach custom attributes to SAM events sent from Data Services.
- Add WSDL-driven configuration for tESBFault component
- Missing namespace in job-first generated WSDL

Route Builder:
- Added first specific implementations of generic cMessagingEndpoint for Web Service (CXF), ActiveMQ, File and FTP.

ESB Runtime Standard Edition

- Starting of SAM Server as mvn jetty:run-war fails for examples/talend/tesb/sam/WSDLException while running WS-Security (STS) enabled Rent A Car tutorial.
- Specification of endpoint selection strategy per client
- Change of Default TESB Container HTTP Port  (it's now 8040 !)
- Fixed issue with Zookeeper start script on Windows machines

For more information on fixed bugs and new features, go to the TalendForge Bugtracker.

Thanks for being a part of our community,
The Talend Team.

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#2 2011-12-09 03:29:57

Talend Team

shong said:

Re: Talend Unified Platform 5.0.0 is Available


Cool, thanks very much for the detailed list of features/bugs.

Best regards
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