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#1 2015-12-05 01:01:05

Kurt Andrews

Kurt Andrews said:

Installation of SDI for use with 5.6.2 of the Talend subscription prod

I'm trying to figure out how to develop an application with version 5.4.1 of the SDI using Talend 5.6.2 of the subscription products. The application will be deployed and managed via the TAC and run on one of our runtime servers.  
I've followed the instructions in the installation document in the SDI zip archive. except for the GDAL stuff, because I'm not sure if we need it.  I also found an article on the Talend help site that talked about creating an file and putting it in <TALEND_STUDIO>/configuration/org.talend.configurator, so I did that.  
There are three things that are nagging at me besides whether to install GDAL:

  1. What do I need to do on our TAC server (probably in the commandline studio stuff installed there) so that we can publish and deploy jobs that use the SDI from the TAC?

  2. Are there any jar files that I'll need to copy to the TAC server that will be stored in the SVN library repository that the TAC uses

  3. There is nothing in the installation instructions that tell me what to do with with the zip archives in the tos-components-patch that is included with the SDI package.

Can someone please help me deal with these unknowns.  I've got a project that is blocked at the moment, and I need to get it moving again.

Thanks in advance for your help.



#2 2015-12-05 09:20:02

193 posts

Fxp said:

Re: Installation of SDI for use with 5.6.2 of the Talend subscription prod

Hi Kurt, 
Not knowing TAC, I can't help much on that.
For 3. tos-componnets-patch is only needed if using which allows to create metadata based on geodata analysis. The workspace needs some fixes to be apply to tAdvancedOutputXML.
If you're not using sOgr* or sGdal* components or the OGR wizard for generic schema, you could probably skip the GDAL installation part.


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