How to execute Jobs remotely Use Distant Run from Talend Enterprise Data Integration to execute remote Jobs

In Talend Enterprise Data Integration, you can transfer your Jobs on a distant server, which will be in charge of deploying and executing them.

In this tutorial, you will learn:
- how to configure the remote server details in the Studio preferences.
- how to execute Jobs directly on an execution server from the Studio.

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Step 1: Create a Job

We will create a simple job that is specific to each course participant. We will use the tFileTouch component.

Right click on job designs and choose Create job and name it FileTouch.


In the Job Designer, place a tFileTouch component that you will find in the Components palette in the File > Management folder.

Specify the file name and path.


Test the Job by executing it locally.


To win time, just press F6

Check the creation of the file.

This Job is very simple, but it's enough to discover the Distant Run feature.


Install and configure Jobserver on the target system.

You will install the Jobserver application on a target system, which could be one of your neighbouring workstations. This application allows us to set up the system as an execution server in Talend Enterprise Data Integration. 

Prerequisites: the Jobserver binaries that are compatible with your version of Talend Entrprise Data Integration.


Step 2: Install and configure Jobserver on the target system

Unzip the jobserver zip file that the Trainer provided.

In the unzipped directory, open the conf directory and then open the file


Change the default parameters if necessary. 

By default, the ports used are 8000, 8001et 8888.

These must therefore be unused on the target system.

If the target system is under Linux, you will have to comment out the line:
by inserting a # character in front of the line, and remove the corresponding character to the following line in order to change it back to a variable: org.talend.monitoring.jmx.api.OsInfoRetriever.OS_PARTITIONS=/,/dev,/home


Return to the root of the unzipped directory.

Click start_rs.bat if your target system is under Windows.

Execute the command sh if the target system is under Linux (in this case, check first that the program is executable, by typing in the command chmod +x

The Jobserver application is now configured and running.


Step 3: Configure Distant Run in the Studio application

Distant Run must be configured from within the Talend Enterprise Data Integration client as follows:

  • Click Window > Preferences.
  • In the treeview, navigate toTalend > Run/Debug > Remote.
  • Add an execution server that has a running Jobserver application by clicking the [+] (Add) button then configure the ports as they were defined in the file on the target system.


In TIS Studio, open your job.

Click the Run tab below the Job Designer and select your execution server as in the screenshot.

Click Run button to execute your job on the remote server using Distant Run.

In the distant environment, you could see the job execution.

This job must create a Excel file. To finish this tutorial, check the creation of this file in the distant environment.


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