Documentation Checking List

For the purpose of document quality control, this page lists the points proposed to be verified each time before committing your documentation.

1. Check the compliance of conditional text setting.

  • Ensure that the conditioned texts are set correctly. For further information about the policy of condition usage, see condition settings. Or ask for the confirmation of the related product manager.

2. Check the compliance of conventions of style.

  • Ensure that the style conventions are applied where they should be. For example, window, wizard, and dialog box titles should be put in [bold]. See Typographical conventions in the Preface of any guide file like Talend Open Studio Components Reference Guide.

3. Check the index marker used.

  • Ensure that the Element Tag is IndexMarker, the Marker Type is Index and the Marker Text is written correctly. See screenshot below:

4. Check the filenames used. For the time being, the filename element is exclusively used in reference guides.

  • There are two filenames used for each component section. Ensure that the first Filename is “componentname_Prop” and the second SectionLevel is “componentname_Scenario”. Make sure the Element Tage is Filename, the Marker Type is Filename and the Marker Text is written properly. See screenshots below:

5. Check the content of the copied text especially the copied Note or Warning.

  • Sometimes minor changes in the copied texts are needed even though the subjects you are documenting appear the same. So you need to at least review the copied texts to ensure that the due changes are done.

6. Check the structure of the document.

  • The misplaced elements are highlighted in red in the structure view. Correct it if any appears.

7. Ensure the SectionLevel_x elements are placed in the right order.

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