Create the class

There are two type of project task:

  1. AbstractItemMigrationTask: tasks to apply to repository item (job, metadata, etc…)
  2. AbstractProjectMigrationTask: tasks to apply on a project (remove a folder, delete files, etc…)


Those tasks will be aplied to all repository items. Override getTypes() method to specify only some item types.
You could extends AbstractJobMigrationTask instead of AbstractItemMigrationTask to make a task that will be apply only on jobs.

In our example, we will create a class which extends AbstractJobMigrationTask.
For example using only metadata items, see AddQuoteMarkMigrationTask.

1. Create a class
  1. Use org.talend.repository plugin
  2. use org.talend.repository.model.migration package
  3. Class must extends AbstractJobMigrationTask
2. implements required method

Use ModifyComponentsAction.searchAndRename() method:

    public ExecutionResult executeOnProcess(ProcessItem item) {
        try {
            ModifyComponentsAction.searchAndRename(item, "tRunProcess", "tRunJob"); //$NON-NLS-1$ //$NON-NLS-2$
            return ExecutionResult.SUCCESS_WITH_ALERT;
        } catch (Exception e) {
            return ExecutionResult.FAILURE;
3. That's all


Those tasks are not relative to items.
For examples see ChangeXmiSerialization.
In this case, the method to implements is ExecutionResult execute(Project project).

Register this task

Register this class as a migration task using extension points

1. Edit "org.talend.repository" "plugin.xml" file
2. Add a project migration task:


3. Set properties as follow:


  • id: represents the id of this migration task. This must be unique. This id will be referenced in projects to know if this task has been done.
  • name: the label of this task. Used in Error log view to log if this task is a success or a failure.
  • class: the complete name of the class created in step 1. Use Browse button to set it and class link to open it once filled.
  • beforeLogon: indicate if this task must be executed before or after user is logged on project. Rename component tasks must be executed after login, so specified false here (default value-nothing to do).


1. Launch the product
2. Open "Error log" view
3. You should see this task done after logon in "Error log" view:


4. You should see this line in "talend.project" file:

indicating that this task has been done in that project.

To go farther

  • If you want to filter component more specifically (based on a node propertie for example), use ModifyComponentsAction.searchAndModify() method instead of ModifyComponentsAction.searchAndRename().
  • Same way if you want to do something else that renaming a component (add or remove a property for example).
  • See the RenametDBInputToMySQLMigrationTask migration task as a sample of these advanced use .
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