how tWebserviceConsumer integrates with the Talend Metadata

Create twebservicecustomer Metedata

*In this case it is suitable for tis foundation person browse*

Open the TIS(Talend Integration Suite),Hereinafter referred to as TIS In the Repository on the left:

click Metadata

In the menu, Right-click on WebService and click create Web Service schema


Input schema names such as MetadataDemo,In this case the other input box is empty, you can also according to your need to input.

Click next,and Select Advanced Werservice

Click next

configuration the wsdl

configuration the wsdl tags

TIS default give you a reference WSDL address, you can own customized this example,This example uses the default address, click Refresh

And then you can see some portName and operation for display

configuration the wsdl inputmapping tag

Click inputmapping tag and then click schema Management button, add a new column named input, click ok to finish

On the right side of the list, click add list element button and select parameter Name city ,click ok to next step

Give element an initial value,This value is irrelevant,But it does not allow for empty.

configuration the wsdl outputmapping tag

Click outputmapping tag and then click add list element button, select parameter name GetweatherResult , click ok to finish .

On the right side of the list, click edit schema button and add column name result ,click ok to next step .

Drag the parameter.GetWeatherResult element to give result column's expression relevance

click next you can see result column in the description of the Schema

click finish ,Now it is stored in Tis metadata

USing twebservicecustomer Metedata

create job: Right click Job Designs and the click Create job

Input job name TestMetadata etc

Drag new Talend Metadata(MetadataDemo) into the job

In palette tag page input search keyword log, then press enter

Drag tLogRow component into the job

right click MetadataDemo Metadata and select Row→Main,Pointing tLogRow1 components

Create association output,Click run button to run this job.We can see that there is a string “sunny” output

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