Perl on Windows for Talend Open Studio

Perl interpreter

Talend Open Studio before release 3.1. does not have an embedded Perl interpreter. Therefore, you need to install it first. You can, for instance, install the Active Perl product distributed by Active State. Download the relevant product matching your OS version from ActiveState website. Once the download is complete, run the install file and save the Perl distribution under C:/Perl.

If you need help while installing, go to Jalix website (french documentation).Perl

To make sure your Perl product is properly installed, launch the command line. On Windows, click on Start, then click Run and in the dialog box, type in cmd.



On the command prompt window, type in: perl -v This command will provide you with the Perl version installed on your station.


Perl modules

Installing module dependancies for embedded perl

Important : this section only applies to T.O.S 3.1 and later, with embedded perl. The perl embedded in T.O.S has all required modules but may depend on external libraries such as SGBD middleware.


Proxy Configuration

If your connection is positiond behind a proxy, set it up using the following command lines :

Installing modules

Important : this section only applies to T.O.S before 3.1, without embedded perl.

Some routines, as well as some components require various specific Perl modules, which are not installed by default along with the Perl basic install. Therefore, you need to install them using software such as ppm (Active Perl distribution).

Launch a command line and type in ppm install <Packagename>

Using Active Perl PPM (Perl Package Manager) install the required or recommended following Perl modules:

  • ppm install DBD-DB2
  • ppm install DBD-mysql
  • ppm install DBD-ODBC
  • ppm install DBD-Oracle
  • ppm install DBI
  • ppm install Email-Filter
  • ppm install MIME-Lite
  • ppm install Net-LDAP-Express
  • ppm install Spreadsheet-ParseExcel
  • ppm install Spreadsheet-WriteExcel
  • ppm install Text-ASCIITable
  • ppm install Text-CSV_XS

For perl 5.10 you have to add the cpan ppm repository. From the cmd line : ppm rep add CPAN

Sybase connector

PostgreSQL connector


Checking installs

Talend provides a tool to check the Perl modules installed. The Modules view indicates for each component, the Perl modules required, and for each module whether it is required and/or already installed.

After installing a new module, simply click on “Refresh” to check the installation status.



This tool is required to run the process in debug mode.

  1. Unzip the file into your Perl installation folder (e.g. C:\Perl).

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