User Guide Release Note

TOS User's Guide ENG v2.2_b

  1. Added Drag&Drop feature
  2. Added Expression builder
  3. Added Export job as Webservice
  4. Reorg of Export Job scripts section in Jobs & projects management

TOS User's Guide ENG v2.2_a

  1. Added MSSqlSCD prop + scenario (undef icon)
  2. Updated SCD components with Type 3 and surrogate key.
  3. Added Context chapter to Designing a Job Design
  4. Added generic schema wizard
  5. Added tIterateToFlow Prop+scenario (icon??
  6. Added tContextdump Prop+NoScenarioMsg (icon ok)
  7. Added tSSH Prop+Scenario (icon ok)
  8. Added tUnite Prop+Scenario (icon ok)
  9. Added tJDBCInput/Output/Row/SP Prop+Related scenario (undef icons)
  10. Added tAggregateSortedRow Prop+Related scenario (icon ok)
  11. Added tReplace Prop+Scenario (icon ok)
  12. Added tFilterColumn Prop+Related Scenario (icon ok)
  13. Added tExternalSortRow Prop+Related scenario (icon ok)
  14. Added tContextDump Prop - !!!scenario to be added (icon ok)
  15. Added tFilterRow Prop+scenario (icon ok)
  16. Added tFlowMeterCatcher Prop+scenario (undef icon)
  17. Added tXMLRPC Prop+scenario (undef icon)
  18. Added tLDAPOutput prop + scenario (undef icon)
  19. Added tLDAPInput prop + scenario (undef icon)
  20. Added LDAP wizard
  21. Moved “Exporting job scripts” section from Technical process to Managing jobs & projects + created link in previous location
  22. Added SpagoBI section in Managing jobs and projects
  23. Added tMomOutput Prop + related scenario (need icon)
  24. Added tMomInput Prop + scenario (need icon)
  25. Added tOracleSP Prop+ scenario (undef icon)
  26. Added tMysqlSP Prop + Scenario (undef icon)
  27. Added tSybaseOutputBulkExec Prop+related scenario (icon ok)
  28. Added tSybaseOutputBulk Prop+related scenario (icon ok)
  29. Added tSybaseSP Prop+related scenario (undef icon)
  30. Added tSybaseSCD Prop+related scenario (undef icon)
  31. Added tPostgresqlRollback Prop+related scenario (icon ok)
  32. Added tPostgresqlOutputBulkExec prop+related scenario (icon ok)
  33. Added tPostgresqlConnection prop+scenario (icon ok)
  34. Added tPostgresqlCommit prop+scenario (icon ok)
  35. Added tPostgresqlBulkExec prop+related scenario (icon ok)
  36. Added tOracleRollback Prop+related scenario (icon ok)
  37. Added tOracleOutputBulkExec Prop+related scenario (icon ok)
  38. Added tOracleOutputBulk Prop+related scenario (icon ok)
  39. Added tOracleConnection Prop+related scenario (icon ok)
  40. Added tOracleCommit Prop+related scenario (icon ok)
  41. Added tMSSqlSP Prop+related scenario (undef icon)
  42. Added tMSSqlOutputBulkExec Prop+related scenario (icon ok)
  43. Added tMSSqlOutputBulk Prop+related scenario (icon ok)
  44. Added tMSSqlBulkExec Prop+Related scenario (icon ok)
  45. Added tDB2SCD Prop+related scenario (undef icon)
  46. Added tDB2SP Prop+related scenario (undef icon)
  47. Added VtigerCRMOutput Prop+NoScenario (icon ok)
  48. Added VtigerCRMInput Prop+NoScenario (icon ok)
  49. Added CentricCRMOutput Prop+NoScenario (icon ok)
  50. Added CentricCRMInput Prop+NoScenario (icon ok)

TOS User's Guide ENG v2.1_c

  1. Added tJava : Prop + Scenario (reflects tPerl scenario)
  2. Added small paragraph: “Filling fields dynamically” into technical (Ctrl+Space shortcut)
  3. Added tJavaDBInput/Output/DBRow: Prop + related scenario (undef icon)
  4. Changed versioning from v2.1.1 to v2.1_b (b is for Documentation versioning, 2.1 is for software version)
  5. Added tTeradata:Input + Output + Row: Prop + related scenario (Undef icon)
  6. Added tIngresSCD: Prop + related scenario (Undef icon)
  7. Added tInterbase:Input + Output + Row: Prop + related scenario (Undef icon)
  8. Added tInformix: Input + Output + Row: Prop + related scenario (Undef icon)
  9. Added tHSQLDb:Input + Output + Row: Prop + related scenario (Undef icon)
  10. Added tFirebird: Input + Output + Row: Prop + related scenario (Undef icon)
  11. Added tIngres: Input + Output + Row: Prop + related scenario (Undef icon)
  12. Added tAS400: Input + Output + Row: Prop + related scenario (Undef icon)
  13. Added tAccessRow Prop+related scenario (Undef icon)
  14. Added tAccessOutput Prop+related scenario (Undef icon)
  15. Added tAccessInput Prop + related scenario (Undef icon)
  16. Updated “Exporting Job scripts” with context information.
  17. Updated Properties for old DB input and output (DB2, DB, Mysql, postgresql,Oracle, Sybase, MS SQl server)
  18. Added tOracleSCD Properties + Related scenario link
  19. Updated Getting Started chapter.
  20. Fixed bug 1367: updated Metadata wizard section.
  21. Added tMysqlSCD Properties + scenario
  22. Created new variable: RelatedProductName (holding Talend Administrator)
  23. Created new Text condition: TIS-TOD_RemoteRep (Keep it silent in TOS USer Guide!)
  24. Added Section 1: Connecting to the Remote Repository, to Getting Started chapter. (TIS-TOD_RemoteRep) →Silent
  25. Added section 1: Working on a shared project to Getting Started chapter. (TIS-TOD_RemoteRep) →Silent
  26. Changed Importing item chapter, to include conditional text (TIS-TOD_RemoteRep) → silent in TOS User Guide

TOS User's Guide ENG v2.1.1

  1. added tFlowMeter Prop (no scenario)
  2. Added tCreatetable Prop+Scenario Java only
  3. Added new section in Automating stats & logs use
  4. Added limitation information in tUniqRow properties section (key required in schema)

TOS User's Guide ENG v2.1.0

  1. added tSalesforceInput Prop (no scenario avail.)
  2. added tSalesforceOutput Prop (no scenario avail.)
  3. added tAddCRCRow prop+scenario
  4. added note: Use Perl code in perl project and java code in Java project
  5. updated “Defining job design Context” section as Contexts tab added.
  6. added Important Note for tFileInputRegex: regexp syntax is different if in Java/Perl
  7. added mention to for Date pattern definition in schema definition for Java users.
  8. added tDenormalize Prop+Scenario
  9. added tNormalize Prop+Scenario
  10. modified tLogRow component… new fields added
  11. added new functionality: generate HTML documentation
  12. added tSQLiteRow prop+ related scenario
  13. added tSQLiteOutput prop+ related scenario
  14. changed doc version from 0.8.2 to 2.1.0
  15. added tSQliteInput prop+scenario
  16. added tXSLT - prop+scenario
  17. added tXSDValidator missing scenario - link to DTDValidator?
  18. added tDTDValidator, (Perl+Java)
  19. added tFileCopy Java+Perl + scenario
  20. added tFileUnarchive Java+Perl properties + link to tFileCompare scenario
  21. added tFileCompare no diff Java/Perl properties - Perl scenario + Java specials.
  22. added tSugarCRMOUtput (Java only) prop - missing scenario
  23. added tSugarCRMInput (Java only) prop + scenario
  24. added tMysqlRollback (Perl) prop +link to tMysqlConnection scenario
  25. added tMysqlConnection (Perl) prop + scenario
  26. added tMySqlCommit, (Perl) prop + link to tMysqlConnection
  27. added hypertext link to in Feedback area of About chapter.
  28. added tWebserviceInput (Perl+ Java) prop + scenario.
  29. changed Run Before/After with ThenRun
  30. added information + screenshot about Run if trigger
  31. changed Family names: Database>Databases, Added Business Connectors, Data Quality
  32. added information about setting apart Palette into separate panel in TOS, go to Window > Show View > General > Palette
  33. added Palette sectionlevel2 in Getting Started chapter, Describing GUI section + Added mention in Changing panels position sectionlevel2
  34. added information about Notes tool in designer Palette - Added specific SectionLevel2 in Getting Started with Job design section level1
  35. added java/perl icon.png to idenfify specific/non-crosslanguage components (to all components)
  36. link color changed from orange to blue in XPath (Metadata)
  37. changed cover page graphical (on master page - transparency problem unresolved)

TOS User's Guide ENG v0.8.1

  1. Full stack repurposed to HTML files. Split on SectionLevel2
  2. Component file split on SectionLevel1 + Added WebJump marker between Prop and Scenario
  3. Added FileName markers for _prop and _scenario html output.

TOS User's guide v0.8:

  1. added new character format: code
  2. Added tDBSQLRow prop + scenario: fr + eng
  3. Changed tDBInput properties: Eng
  4. Added tMySQLRow component prop + scenario: Eng
  5. Added tSybaseRow, tOracleRow, tPostgresqlRow, tDB2Row - links to Mysqlrow: Eng
  6. Added tMySQlOutput prop+scenario + related topic from/to tDBoutput: Eng
  7. Added tOracleOutput, tDB2Output, tSybaseOutput,tPostgresqlOutput - prop+scenario or links:Eng
  8. Added tMySQlInput properties - missing specific scenario - added link to tDBinput: eng
  9. Added tOracleInput, tDB2Input, tSybaseInput, tPostgresqlInput - links to prop+scenario: Eng
  10. Added tContextLoad - prop+scenario : eng
  11. Added tFor prop+scenario -missing some screenshots : eng
  12. Added tSleep prop + scenario links: eng
  13. Added tFileFetch properties ok, review tFileInputRegex schema in scenario + -missing screenshots: eng
  14. updated “Generation Languages” paragraph in “Creating a Project” section of “Getting Started” chapter:eng
  15. updated “Creating a query using SQLBuilder” chapter: eng
  16. created “Managing project” chapter:eng
  17. Moved “Importing Projects” section to “Managing projects” chapter
  18. Updated “Importing Projects” section with “Import several projects” info:eng
  19. created “Exporting projects” section in Managing projects chapter:eng
  20. created “Migration tasks”section in Managing projects chapter:eng
  21. removed “Importing project” section from Getting Started chapter:eng
  22. updated “Connecting shapes” paragraph of “Modeling a Business Model” section of “Designing a BM” chapter:eng
  23. udpated “Routine” entry in table of “Assigning repository elements to a BM” in Designing a BM”:eng
  24. small Update to “Trigger connection” paragraph of “Connecting components” section : eng
  25. Created new “Link connection” paragraph of “Connecting components” section: eng
  26. refurbishing “Preference” section in Getting Started chapter: eng (created two paragraph from section content)
  27. Added “Importing Repository items” in “Managing projects” chapter.
  28. Summary of Components in “Components” chapter
  29. Added tMySQLOutputBulk + tMySqlBulkExec prop+scenario: eng
  30. Added tOraclebulkExec prop+scenario:eng NOTE: no driver to edit actual Oracle DB. no screenshots possible
  31. Added tSybaseOutputBulkExec prop+scenario links: eng
  32. Refurbished tRowGenerator - Java version - prop + scenario:eng
  33. ELT Mysql Input/Map/output Properties + scenario 1&2 :eng
  34. ELT Mysql Map: “Connecting ELT components” “Mapping schemas” and “Generating SQL statement” added »> screenshoots missing in mapping schemas showing link/clause/joins…
  35. tELTOracle input/Map/Output prop + scenario:eng
  36. screenshots ok

TOS User's Guide v0.7:

  1. added index markers in FR + ENG
  2. changed copyright 2006 > 2007
  3. removed pics
  4. added TableNoRule format
  5. Header = Running H1 (in black box)
  6. Color: Removed GreenTalend - changed to BlueGrey
  7. Changed index para format color from GreenTalend to BlueGrey
  8. changed table rules from line to dotted in ComponentTable format
  9. changed shading color from GreenTalend to BlueGrey in ComponentTable format
  10. Created Code EDD entry (bug) »> doesn't work properly
  11. Added components:tFileInputXML, tCatcher, tWarn, tDie, tDBOutput, tFileInputMail, tFileOutputLDIF, tStatCatcher, tRunJob in Eng + Fr
  12. changed heading1 and heading2 format: checked Keep with Next (only).
  13. changed EDD in En version: para is optional after SectionLevel1 title (Import EDD into FR files)
  14. Search and replace all left out instances of “process” (business process, technical process)
  15. Update Xref: Heading to HeadingpageFR
  16. Added HeadingPageFR in French Version
  17. corrected typos in FR version.
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