Shapefile to PostGIS

Basic tutorial showing how to use SDI to import a Shapefile into a PostGIS table.

Step 1: create the job

Build the following job by taking the sShapefileInput and sPostgisOutput components in the palette's Geo menu.

Step 2: configure the components

For the sShapefileInput component, you need to

  • specify the location of the Shapefile:

  • specify that Shapefile's schema:

Version 1.3:

  • The schema could be read from TOS Repository, in metadata, generic schema, right click on Create generic schema from shapefile. Then you could use the repository option in your components properties.

For the sPostgisOutput component, you need to

  • specify the database access:

Note that SDI won't create the database for you. You therefore need to create the database prior to running the job. However you need not create the table, the sPostgisOutput will take care of creating it if it doesn't exist.

Run the job

You can now go ahead and run the job. Once the run is complete, check that the table was created in your database.

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