The following picture gives an example of what kind of job SDI could run:

GIS file manipulation

Create GIS files from CSV file

Objectives of this job is to produce ESRI Shapefile, Mapinfo file from a text file describing monitoring stations and their geographic location.

GIS operation

Common GIS operation : Buffer, Centroïd, Inside point

In this job, features are read from a Shapefile, a buffer around each feature is calculated, and the resulting features are stored in a PostGIS database.

Buffer option is using Java Topology Suite algorithm defining parameters for the buffer operation :

  • end cap style (round, flat, square),
  • curve approximation level
  • and the positive or negative distance.

More info on the JTS algorithm are available in the discussion section.

Centroid and inside point geometry for point, line and polygon geometry

Nearest neigbor

Objectives of this job is to find the nearest river for each monitoring stations.

Dissolve operation

Dissolve geometry based on an attribute. For example, in the job the attribute named “CD_SSECTEUR” is used to dissolve river basins.

Metadata conversion

Generate ISO19139 metadata for a pdf map archive and publish to the catalogue

This job process PDF file available in a network area and create metadata using a template. Then it will creat thumbnails images and pack all in a MEF file. The MEF file is publish to the GeoNetwork opensource catalogue.


Metadata batch conversion using XSLT transformation

Convert metadata xml file from on standards to another (ISO19115, ISO19139, ArcCatalogue). These components are using XSLT mapping defined in the GeoNetwork opensource project and GeoSource project.

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