Powerful and robust Open Studio products are available, freely available and released under an open source license.


Talend is one of the largest pure play vendors of open source software,
offering middleware solutions that help companies deal with their integration challenges.

The Talend Products

Talend offers a wide variety of integration products, including:

These products are enhanced by a collection of sophisticated and robust capabilities, tailored to the needs of enterprises, packaged into commercial offerings and reinforced by a comprehensive set of support and consulting services.

The Open Source Approach

By publishing the code of its core modules under the GNU Public License and the Apache License, Talend offers to the community the flexibility to modify and extend source code to meet their specific business needs. This enables them to create their own components and share them with the rest of the community, rendering the products more versatile and more scalable for different uses and projects.

As a leading provider of software based on open source technology, open source is a critical part of our product strategy. Because we believe in strong investment in the community, we employ engineers to work on Apache CXF, Apache Camel, Apache Karaf, Apache ActiveMQ, Apache Hadoop, and many other projects. The contributions we make to these projects help to fuel their vibrancy while they allow us to build better products and provide superior service to our users and customers.

Talend is a sponsor or member of several open source foundations and consortiums, including the Apache Software Foundation and the Eclipse Foundation.

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