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Forum rules

Before opening a new thread

  1. we expect that you have read through User manuals and at least have searched online resources such as Talend Help Center. There is a good chance that you will find the answer to your question there. We expect that you have at least made this search effort before posting
  2. If you can't find the answer in the User Guide, use the "search" functionality on the forum to search for your issue. You may find that your question has already been answered. We expect that you have at least searched the forum for a previous post.
  3. If the "search" function doesn't give any result, you can try to browse topics by tags related to your question
  4. If you cannot find the answer to your question, then feel free to start a new thread.

Posting guidelines

  1. Use a descriptive thread title.

    We ask you to follow these simple guidelines.

    Be sure to include a brief description of your issue or question in the title of your thread. This will help other users understand what you need and avoid clicking on threads in which they have no interest.

    Examples of unacceptable thread titles:

    • "Help!"
    • "Problem"
    • "What Should I Do?"

    Examples of acceptable thread titles:

    • "Execute shell script"
    • "Contexts & Email Attachments"
    • "As400 connection problem"
  2. Use standard English and proofread your posts.

    Standard English is required on the Talend forums. This means that you must make an effort to use proper spelling, grammar and punctuation.

    Unacceptable: "i D/Led a TOS bld n need 2 extr data frm DB"

    Acceptable: "I downloaded the new build of TOS and need to extract data from my Oracle DB"

    Proofread your posts! Everyone makes the occasional typos or spelling mistakes, but please make an effort to make your post readable. Don't write IN ALL CAPITALS BECAUSE IT MAKES IT VERY DIFFICULT TO READ AND APPEARS LIKE YOU ARE SHOUTING. It is proven that proper case English is easier to read because it flows easier. All capitals is also proven to invoke a negative feeling towards the poster.

    If you need to edit your post after you submit it, or if you need to add additional information, DO NOT create a separate post. The "edit" button will allow you to edit your post. We call the creation of additional posts in a thread without user response "double posting" and it is frowned upon in nearly all cases.

    BTW: We don't expect that all users are proficient at English (since it is such an illogical language!).

  3. Describe your environment

    If you need help, then the forum users need to know what environment is being used. This may be because what you are reporting may have already been fixed in a later build or release. At a minimum:

    • OS & Version (Windows XP SP2, Linux)
    • Talend Open Studio version (5.2.1 - this information is available in the TOS window title bar)
  4. Use the wysiwyg (or the bbcode) to describe your use case

    Nothing annoys forum users more than posters who don't take the time to write a understanding post. Please use the wysiwyg to highlight some points, to insert your stick of code and to upload your files (images, txt, zip). If you don't like the wysiwyg feature, please read the BBCode information to enabled the BBCode.

  5. Be polite

    The support given on the forums is for free (except for the well paid guys at Talend, of course) so please be polite. Although your particular problem may be important to you, it will most definitely NOT be important to the majority of forum readers. Therefore, be gracious and request help in a polite manner. It's not that we expect anyone to crawl or plead, but your tone is more likely to appeal to those who would lend a helping hand.

    If the recommended solution has resolved your issue, then a simple thanks is always appreciated. It makes the solution provider feel that they've made a difference and are then more willing to help others.

    If you don't get a response after a while, then feel free to *bump*. No need to repost the entire message on the end of the thread, or start a new post. Just a polite *bump* will do. If no one is able to help, then someone will speak up and say "I don't know". We just hope that this doesn't happen too often.

  6. Only one topic is enough

    Don't post the same post/question in multiple locations. If you want your question to get individual attention you should create a new topic in the appropriate forum.

Replying guidelines

Yes, there are even guidelines for posting a reply as this helps to keep things consistent across the forum.

  1. RTFM

    If it is clear that the original poster hasn't read the manual or searched the forum, then politely recommend that they read this sticky. If you're feeling kind then provide the link to the documentation and mention the page number, or link to the forum topic that may resolve their question.

  2. Images

    A picture says a 1000 words, but they are a pain to create and upload. If you have the time and inclination, then please attach some images to display the job or components visually.

  3. Don't Hijack other people's topics

    If you have a new question, and it is not very closely related to the subject of the current topic, please post it in a new topic. Do not post your, somewhat/slightly/not at all related, question in someone else's topic. If you feel that your question is directly related to another topic, then say that in your new topic, and link to the related topic (use the Talend automatic links, described in the help page).

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