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#1 2011-05-27 11:01:15


java_duke said:

Which tooling/IDE scenarios can be possible?

Hi Talend community,

If a developer team uses JDeveloper --> can they access the Talend team repository including "metadata" like JavaDoc, WSDL'S etc. from their primary IDE? They think of using Talend's tools as "secondary IDE" to industrialize the creation of commodity data integration jobs / WebServices, but need to keep JDeveloper for our other Development Tasks.

Is there a blueprint for such a setup?

No roundtrip integration requirement!


#2 2011-05-27 18:09:23

Talend Team

cdynes said:

Re: Which tooling/IDE scenarios can be possible?

Hi Stefan,

Our primary tooling platform for developers to interact with the Talend Repository is through Eclipse. We are reusing a number of Open source technologies, so in theory you could connect to repository to upload your artifacts. The issue is how well the governance and SCM would behave, without using our Eclipse tooling to managing the users/roles etc. No commitment on the use-case at this stage, as we are building the technology, so we'll need to consider how other IDE *could* interact with the repository and what activities they can accomplish.

Hope this helps,


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