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ccarbone said:

Welcome to Spatial Data Integrator forum !

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Welcome to the forum dedicated to Geospatial components used in Spatial Data Integrator.

Spatial Data Integrator (SDI) is an ETL with geospatial capabilities. SDI is developed by !CamptoCamp. It is based on Talend Open Studio (TOS), the general-purpose ETL developed by Talend.

The geospatial capabilities are provided in the components belonging to the Geo component family. We refer to the components within the Geo family either as the Geo components or as the SDI components.

Likewise regular TOS components, there are basically three sorts of Geo components: input, output and transform components. Input and output components read features from and write feature to datastores, respectively. Transform components read features from their input flows, possibly transform those features, and write features to their output flows. The term transform is to be taken loosely here as it represents any sort of operation.

Note: the names of all Geo components start with an s (for SDI).

More information available at

Cedric Carbone
Talend CTO


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