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#1 2008-01-17 16:47:25


KFC2 said:

License - GPL 2 or 3?

Tags: [java, license]

The web page says GPL 2.0 - followed by a link to GPL 3.0.  The FSF changed the text at the other end of the link to 3.0.  I assume the intent is for GPL 2.0 to remain the applicable license.  Thanks!

#2 2008-01-18 14:10:59

Talend Team

plegall said:

Re: License - GPL 2 or 3?

We have updated the download page. Thanks for your feedback :-)


#3 2008-03-18 15:57:13

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sawyer23 said:

Re: License - GPL 2 or 3?

Hi. I noticed that the Talend source code is downloaded on Java/Eclipse RCP, which seems to be licensed under the EPL. Isn't the EPL incompatible with the GPL?


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