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#1 2008-04-07 10:35:50

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Fxp said:

[Info] SpatialDataIntegrator 1.2.0 is available

The new release 1.2.0 of SpatialDataIntegrator project is available. SDI is an opensource Spatial ETL (Extract Transform & Load) based on Talend Open Studio for read/write common GIS formats, manipulating features, metadata creation and publication.

  * GIS Formats: PostGIS, Shapefile, MIF/MID, EDIGéO, GeoRSS, WKT
  * 41 Geospatial Components: Buffer, Centroid, CoordinateFetcher, Dissolver, BoundingBox, Clipper, GetElevation, GetpostalCode, CataloguePublisher, MetadataCreator...

SpatialDataIntegrator is using:

=== Spatial Data Integrator 1.2.0 : List of changes ===

== New ==
  * 5 new Components
    * sMetadataCrator: Create an XML metadata file using the ISO19139 standard
    * sMEFCreator: Create a file conforming to the Metadata Exchange Format (MEF) spec
    * sEdigeoInput : Read geometry from EDIGéO files
    * sConvexHullCalculator : Create convex hull polygon for features
    * sGeomTxtInput : Create simple geometry from WKT format
  * Added GeoOperation support for 9IM operators

== Changes ==
  * sCataloguePublisher: Add MEF support
  * sGeoOutput* : Set Geometry as default type
  * Updated all components for TOS 2.3.2 version (*_java.xml and virtual component)
  * Updated demo workspace for compatibility with TOS 2.3.2
  * Fixed sPostgisInput/sPostgisOutput: support for column not named "the_geom"
  * Fixed the possibility to load xml schemas in geo components
  * Added Input/Output repository for Geo/File category

== Bugs fixed ==
  * Fixed #0003091: sMapInfoInput/Output : var params is not unique
  * Fixed #0003088: PostGIS schema support
  * Fixed #0003092: sMapInfoInput does not support quote into String
  * Fixed Talend 2.3.x template mechanism change (ie. CTYPE="THEN_RUN" by CTYPE="ROWS_END")
  * Fixed #0003459 : sCataloguePublisher missing lib
  * Fixed #0003090: Java 1.5 support


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