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#1 2013-02-22 20:28:51

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olivemar said:

Near real time data integration for network traffic analytics


I'm trying to confirm that a combination TIS + ESB would allow near real time data integration for predictive network traffic analytics from cell towers. The real time network traffic would be constantly collected through 200-byte length TCP/IP socket connections and hundreds of KPIs would be constantly gathered / measured in this constant data stream influx.

I checked in the URL below that ESB supports TCP and UDP formats along with fixed record length:

Support for Transports, Bindings, Data Bindings and Formats

Transports: HTTP, Servlet, JMS, UDP and many others via the Camel transport for CXF such as SMTP/POP3, TCP and Jabber or using a Talend ESB Route in between. Extensibility API allows additional bindings for CXF, enabling additional message format support such as CSV and fixed record length

I have watched some webinars and read a few white papers but still cannot be 100% sure the business problem in the telecom space explained can be solved or not via Talend solutions.



#2 2013-04-03 08:35:09

Talend Team

bboutros said:

Re: Near real time data integration for network traffic analytics


Short answer, yes Talend PLateform for Datamanagment (TIS+ESB) will do the trick.




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