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#1 2013-03-19 10:36:07

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roshknee said:

Newbie Question: Talend's Products

I downloaded Talend's Big Data, Data Quality and Data Integration products today and set it up. I see the UIs & configuration are very similar. Why is there not a single product with all the features- with whatever is available in the free Open Studio enabled?

Is the difference between Talend Open Studio, Enterprise and Platform - only in the features enabled and and payments?


#2 2013-03-19 11:01:32

Talend Team

xdshi said:

Re: Newbie Question: Talend's Products


For community version, we don't have "All" version for Talend's Big Data, Data Quality and Data Integration products. It is given to community user separately.

The "All" version is only available in Talend Enterprise Subscription Version with more functions and technology.

These links are about the difference among Talend Open Studio, Talend Enterprise Subscription Version and Talend Platform.
see the compare tab

In addition, we provide community users with on line help portal Talend Help Center on which Many useful resources providing tips and tricks about how to use Talend products can be found , what's more, it is for free.

Thanks for your interest.

Best regards

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