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#1 2006-10-06 11:19:46

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uwegeercken said:


Tags: [training]

I can see that there are changes on your site each day: new versions, documentation, etc. I've been looking for a good ETL tool for some time and believe that yours is the right one.

my company - Swissport International Ltd - is right now moving into the direction of data warehousing, BI, etc. they have understood that this is important for the business. I am responsible for the data warehouse and BI/reporting, which is done with hyperion.

I would be interested to hear if I could get - already at this point in time - consulting and/or training for the tool? I would rather spend money on your knowledge of how to tackle the etl process with your tool and on the architektur, that to spend a fortune on informatica or another tool.

thanks for your feedback,

uwe geercken


#2 2006-10-17 18:47:06

Talend Team

esabot said:

Re: Training

Hi Uwe,

Sorry for the late reply to your post.
The course offer is under progress, I passed on your request to our Director of Alliances who will send you all details by email asap.

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