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#1 2006-10-07 12:50:18


PVarenio said:


Tags: [training]

Have you planned training in next weeks.
Maybe in Paris ?

Pascal (Suisse)

#2 2006-10-07 20:07:49

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fbonan said:

Re: Training

Yes, we're currently finalizing our support & training offers.

We'll add information on all that on our website next week... stay tuned!



#3 2006-10-09 07:57:47

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uwegeercken said:

Re: Training

I would be very interested in training and also consulting. is there a subscriber list to receive news? will the training be also available in english or german?




#4 2007-01-22 23:28:38

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philippe.garrigues said:

Re: Training

(i'm french, so don't warry about my non perfect english)
Any way i'm new on database managing & i look about all these discuss; i have also look (read) after the french (!) & english books, but i don't find answer to the end of HOW TO ...
with your "studio", i'm going to be able to buids my data bases & their relations ship !
ok, but at the end :
- can they be "published" on my web side ( or, or ?
- HOW i can "put" the data in the database; I have not find any things about the INPUT / OUTPUT process on the screens / or printers / or pdf files for output ?
- Is it possible to protect the access to them by a special tool who manage the passwords ?
- Is it possible to include these process in a "static" web who is write & published yet, like my little ones
i enjoy to get answer about it.
best regards.
lets me know by e-mail where i can get the answers (i'm not yet very useful to get back answers in the forums; i have to understand where the answer is !)


#5 2007-10-23 12:01:52

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ctoffi said:

Re: Training

i don't know if i understood yuor question and if i can help.

you can *retrieve* data into TOS  from an existing db creating a db connection (repository/metadata/db_copnnections right click create connection), filling it with your connection parameters as users, passwords, etc. then you have to retrieve the tables from the db AND check keys, lenght etc.

then you have to design a dbConnection into the project designer, link it to the connection you created in the repository...
and then you draw the dbInput you set repository, existing connection, and the source table from the combo containing the tables you retrieved.
if you add some table in the db, go to the connection into the repository and add it by retrieve.

but you need a db "running" outside of talend (access, mysql, oracle...)

take a look at the manual about the single elements i quoted, it will be very useful, even if i guess it's not always obviousto a newbie as i am how to use them togheter.

hope it can help,



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