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#1 2008-06-17 19:01:25

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WarrenM said:

General question on functionality...

Extreme newbie here...
I'm curious whether or not Talend & SDI could be used to:
- read a SQL Server database that contains point coordinates in seperate columns (X,Y,Z)
- convert those coordinates to point geomtries
- populate PostGIS (or preferably Oracle) with the point features?

Thanks so much for any info/guidance/help provided.

Warren M


#2 2008-06-17 22:48:19

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mcoudert said:

Re: General question on functionality...

Hi Warren,

Indeed SDI could be very useful to read X and Y columns values from an SQL Server database (using tMSSqlServerInput), then convert these coordinates into 2D point geometrie (s2DPointReplacer) and finally load these geometries into a PostGIS database (sPostgisOutput).

At the time being Oracle spatial format is not supported in SDI.



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