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#1 2014-07-09 16:05:59

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susht said:

Please suggest

We have data in excel file which updates weekly. This excel file is imported every week to SQL server table using SSIS(Sql server integration services). The problem here is the excel columns gets deleted /added sometimes and also the columns gets re-named. So instead of manually mapping the ssis package when ever my excel sheets changes is there any way it can be done automatically?
The scenario that if new columns are added then the column should be inserted in sql table and if it is renamed it should map correctly and if the column is deleted then nothing should happen.
I am looking for a good tool which does this? Feels like talend software works for me?Please suggest.



#2 2014-07-09 19:31:21

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jlolling said:

Re: Please suggest

You can use Talend and the component tFileExcelSheetInput from Talend Exchange. This column allows to setup the column position based on a header line and the header names can be searched with regularly expressions. … &nav=1,1,1
Take a look into the documentation.

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