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#1 2014-08-12 12:13:23

Talend Team

mhirt said:

For test only, Talend Open Studio's 5.6.0 M3 release is available

Dear Community,
We are pleased to announce that Talend Open Studio's 5.6.0 M3 release is available, for testing only. This milestone contains many bug fixes and new features, and is recommended for experienced users who need an early preview of upcoming 5.6 release.

Download Talend Open Studio for [Data Integration | Big Data | Data Quality | MDM | ESB]'s third milestone:

Data Integration: … data_integ
Big Data:
Data Quality:
ESB: … nload_tabs

For more information on fixed bugs and new features, go to the TalendForge Bugtracker.

Thanks for being a part of our community,
The Talend Team.


#2 2014-08-12 14:26:21

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ccarbone said:

Re: For test only, Talend Open Studio's 5.6.0 M3 release is available

See bellow a digest of our M3 change log:

Change Logs 5.6.0 M3 (Platform/Enterprise)
TOS for DI / TOS for BigData
- Oozie preferences set as deprecated.
- Add mongodb / Cassandra / Neo4j Wizards (only for TOS Big Data)
- ELT enhancements: Add the possibility to create subqueries. (for most of database supported in ELT components)
- ELT enhancements: Add the possibility to use other than "GROUP BY / ORDER BY” after a WHERE clause.
- Hadoop: Set default ports in the hadoop related connections in the wizards.  (only for TOS Big Data)
- Sqoop: Add the possibility to setup the component properties from repository. (only for TOS Big Data)
- Support Impala connection in the DB Wizard.

- Support output error files when using the Vertica Copy Local command (bulk and streaming operations)
- Support NB_LINE_INSERTED and similar global vars in Vertica Components
- Support extensions to Vertica JDBC Connection Parms
- Improve tTeradataTPTExec, tTeradataTPTUtility: TPTUpdate/Export

Big Data (TOS for BigData only):
- TBD-944: New components to connect to the in-memory MemSQL database.
- TBD-895: Add the ability to use datafu UDF within the Pig components.
- TBD-894: Link the Sqoop parameters to the JDBC and Hadoop repository metadata.
- TBD-562: Support for Parquet in the Pig and Hive components.
- TBD-911: MongoDB, Cassandra and Neo4J version upgrade
- TBD-882: Supports Query Banding with Teradata (done by the components team)

TOS for DQ

  • Big Data

    • TDQ-8786 - Enable Cloudera Impala profiling

  • Matching

    • TDQ-8789 - Integrate the t-swoosh algorithm in the match analysis editor

  • Profiler performance 

    • TDQ-8787 - Incremental display of results in the profiler 

Last increment from previous milestones:
- TMDM-6977: Impact analysis when deploying data model changes
Work items:
- TMDM-7565: Better wording for the auto-creation of the corresponding container when you create a new model
- TMDM-7499: Handle the case when all query conditions lead to a no-op: return NO record instead of ALL records
- TMDM-6962: Handle "is empty or null" on a repeatable list of elements, now supported and works like "list is empty"
Bug fixes:
- 36 bug fixes from prev milestone
- 2 customer tickets from prev releases
- More details in Jira: 

Studio / ESB
- ESB Studio: Export (Build Job) was restricted to only allow Job with ESb components to be exported as ‘OSGi Bundle for ESB’ and Job with have only tESBConsumer and tRESTClient included without the use of ESB Features can also be exported for standalone deployment (DI Use case)
- Route Builder: New cCXFRS component for easier REST Service Client/Provider usage in (the Type = resouceClass based option is not done with M3, please do not use this option yet) the other features can be used/tested
- Route Builder: New cAMQP component  (AMQP 1.0) can be used e.g. with ActiveMQ 5.10 (as included in the ESB Runtime 5.6.0 M3) 
- Route Builder: New cMQTT component  (MQTT 3.1/3.1.1) can be used e.g. with ActiveMQ 5.10 (as included in the ESB Runtime 5.6.0 M3) 
Runtime / ESB
- Runtime Core: Upgraded to current Apache Versions:  Apache ActiveMQ 5.10.0;  Apache Camel 2.13.2; Apache CXF 2.7.12;  Apache Karaf 2.3.5
ESB 5.6 will stay on the minor versions as listed above even so changes in the service release version might still happen within 5.6.0/5.6.1

Cedric Carbone
Talend CTO


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