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#1 2008-08-07 09:15:44

Talend Team

scorreia said:

Milestone release TOP 1.1.0M1

Tags: [top1.1.0]

A milestone build of the next version of TOP is available at the download page.

About the new features:

    * A “Result” tab has been added to the analysis editor in which result values are in tables.
    * In the indicator selector pop-up, a full row can be checked with one click.
    * You can start doing data quality monitoring by setting thresholds on indicators: when the thresholds are not respected, result is highlighted in red color in the Result tab of the analysis editor.
    * A new kind of analysis is provided: The connection analysis. But beware that the filter do not work yet. This means all tables are scanned. Don’t use it on big databases yet.
    * Regular Patterns can be imported from an Excel file.
    * A new type of Indicator has been created for SQL patterns. This allows you to create your own patterns to put in “LIKE” clause.
    * A menu “Column analysis” has been added on Table elements to profile all columns of one or several tables with a few clicks.
    * A new view outputs some details on the selected objects.
    * You can now see what objects are analyzed without having to open the analysis editor

You are welcome to suggest new features or report bugs in Talend’s bugtracker.

Thank you for your support,
Sebastiao Correia.


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