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#1 2014-10-23 09:57:03

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sk_19 said:

Testing cloud using Talend Big data sandbox

Hi! I need to ask 2 questions:
1. I have successfully uploaded a new data set to Talend big data sandbox using Hue, but how can I create and run jobs for this new data set??
2. Can I test an existing cloud using Talend Big Data sandbox?? If YES, then how??
Please help...
Sumbul Khan


#2 2014-10-23 19:06:50

Talend Team

mbalkenende said:

Re: Testing cloud using Talend Big data sandbox

1. You can develop as many new jobs with in the Sandbox studio as you wish.  To create a new job you can right click on the "Stardard Jobs" section header or the "Map/Reduce Jobs" section header in the left hand repository viewer and select "New Job".  Then in the center of the studio you can start dragging and dropping the required components onto the designer to build your new process.  Please see some of the helpful tutorials here 

2. I am not sure what you mean cloud, do you mean Cloud Applications (SFDC, NetSuite, etc), Cloud Storage or some other Cloud applications?


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