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#1 2008-10-09 19:09:15


Bernie said:

MS SQL connection

Tags: [database, mssql]

I recently learned about Talend and got Open Studio (3.0.rc1) up and running yesterday.  Very nice so far. 

Today I wanted to look at the Profiler however I am hitting the same issue I did yesterday in that I need to connect to a MS SQL database WITHOUT a username or password.

The following topic solved my problem for Open Studio, but does not seem to work for TOP.  TOP will not let me close the window if I don't have put something in the login box.

Can anyone help here? 


p.s. a consistant interface and ability to use the same repository (that is the same connections) would be really nice here.

#2 2008-10-10 08:04:51

Talend Team

scorreia said:

Re: MS SQL connection

Hi Bernie,

I have created an issue for your problem: [Bug] 5366
This will be fixed in the next maintenance release.

About the possibility to use the same connections, it's not currently possible. I suggest that your report a feature request at … d_page.php

Thank you for your support,
Sebastiao Correia.


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