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#1 2016-02-15 17:10:35

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mertez said:

[resolved] Search and filter query sintax


from the documentation I can hardly see how to use this operator. When trying different scenarios I could see that for text search Talend automatically narrows down columns based on the written word and suggests the IN operator. Is there any option how to filter rows with a regular expression?

Other thing that I noticed is that inserting a new filter is possible just by clicking on the drop-down suggestion. When typing the same suggestion word (eg. thething in COMPANY) and pressing enter nothing occurs. Am I using it right?



#2 2016-02-15 17:39:32

Talend Team

ctoum said:

Re: [resolved] Search and filter query sintax

There is no language at this point, we always run an implicit contains query on whatever you type, in all columns. We then suggest which columns have at least one cell that contains the string you typed, with sentences like "whatever you typed in eligible column".
By contains I mean anywhere in the cell; for instance if you search for "book", it will find "facebook", "bookshelf" and "".
This search field is like a global search, sort of like a Ctrl + F (or Cmd + F) in your browser. You don't need to know in advance in which column the data is. The flip side being that, indeed, you can't force it to search only within a particular column.
We will probably allow predicates in the future though, such as '>', '<' etc. for numerics, 'and' / 'or' conditions etc.


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