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#1 2016-06-17 13:20:22

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sanrim said:

Reload at each row feature while retrieving from tMDMinput

While using tMDMinput as lookup from MDM hub (using SOAP UI), we want only one record to load based on the global key condition in the tmap. But this feature is not retrieving even one record, it returns zero rows even though that entity contains records.

When we try to retrieve without the globalKey mapping but applying the "Reload at each row" load type, it dynamically fetches all the records from the MDM hub for that entity. When we declare the GlobalKey mapping, it retrieves zero rows instead of 1 perfect match it should retrieve.

Is there any alternative way of fetching one record, else job may fail when there will be millions of records.


#2 2016-07-11 04:12:17

Talend Team

shong said:

Re: Reload at each row feature while retrieving from tMDMinput

Where do you set the global key condition? Can you please show us the expression?

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