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pcoffre said:

Talend Summer '16: Announcing New Data Fabric Platform!

Post edited on July 26, 2016

Dear Community,
We are very pleased to announce Talend Summer '16 / 6.2 General Availability for all our product range - now including Talend Integration Cloud 1.6, delivered as part of Data Fabric.
Our "what's new in Talend Summer '16" page on our website is available. It explains some of this release's features. Please find it through this link.

>> Watch our webinar on demand about Talend Summer '16. You will gain knowledge about this release's new features.

Below please find the most important new features by product:

Talend Integration Cloud
- Supports cluster resizing for AWS EMR and Redshift to optimize computing and storage resources
- Introduces AWS DynamoDB support with high performance reads/writes from a Spark job
- Supports latest Salesforce, Salesforce Wave, and Marketo APIs

Talend Big Data
- Introduces machine learning-based data matching and deduplication on Spark (Technical preview)
- Delivers faster performance on Spark connecting to AWS Redshift, MongoDB and DynamoDB
- New Spark MLlib components for image classification, text analysis, decision tree classification, and gradient-boosted tree forecasting
- Enables update of Hadoop distributions without Talend Studio re-install

Talend Data Integration
- Includes a Talend Data Preparation subscription license
- Provides continuous delivery enhancements for Git improving productivity
- Deepens support for AWS Redshift and S3

Talend MDM
- Introduces machine learning-based data matching and deduplication on Spark (Technical preview)
- Graphical modelling for MDM and improved hierarchy exploration with filtering and graphs
- New integration component, tMDMRestInput for improved performance

Talend ESB

- Allows ESB routes to be run as a Spring Boot microservice for modular development
- Unifies Data Integration and ESB interface perspectives to improve productivity
- Updates components for Apache Kafka and MQTT for enhanced ESB, Cloud, Big data interoperability

Our Talend 6.2 free products are available. Download Talend Open Studio for [Data Integration | Big Data | Data Quality | MDM | ESB] here:
Data Integration: download!
Big Data: download!
Data Quality: download!
MDM: download!
ESB: download!

Thanks for being a part of our community,
The Talend Team.

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