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#1 2016-07-04 08:31:17

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DilipIrabatti09 said:

API Call exceeded in tSalesforceOutPut

Tags: [bug, java]

I had a talend job with version 5.2. We imported the same job in talend version 6.2 to insert about 4000+ records. In talend version 6.2 when I run the job API limit is getting exceeded as for every record API Limit is called .i.e for 4000 records 4000 API are being called.
I have only imported the job and rest all settings are same as in v5.2
Also checked tSalesforceOutput component where Extend Insert is set to true and commit level is set to 200.
Why I am hitting so much of API limit in v6.2? Am i missing something?


#2 2016-07-04 08:56:28

Talend Team

tsteinborn said:

Re: API Call exceeded in tSalesforceOutPut

please wait till the 6.2.1 release (next week). 6.2 saw a major salesforce rewrite and this was not quite completed in 6.2.0


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