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#1 2016-10-10 18:58:17

chakradhar karri
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chakradhar karri said:

Need some guidance on Talend.

Hello There,
I am very new to this tool and community. Myself Chakradhar, I have about two years of experience in IT and doing my Masters degree in Information Technology Management. I do have hands on experience in SAP Business Objects Data services and SAP HANA. I came across this tool from a friend of mine and thought of pursuing my career in Talend. So here is my understanding about Talend, could you please check and let me know if I am wrong anywhere.
My Understanding:
1. Talend is an ETL tool just like SAP BODS where I can get the data from different sources and put it into Hadoop frame work.
2. Talend Open studio with bigdata does the 'MapReduce' thing in the back end on the big data
3. Talend is an open source ETL tool.
These are few of my findings. I am very much interested in Big data BI, where I would like to learn the ETL process and a visualization tool as well. Please find the below questions and help understand better.
1. Am I going to have a good career in Business Intelligence by learning both Talend and a reporting tool(Tableau\qlikview)
2. Where can I learn Talend? I understand it is an Open Source tool, but, are there any free tutorials available that can suffice the learning.
3. what is the difference between Talend Open studio free download and Talend Open studio for 30 day trail.
4. Could someone tell me about the certification details??

Thanks for you help and time in advance.



#2 2016-10-11 07:45:04

Talend Team

xdshi said:

Re: Need some guidance on Talend.

Please go to talend help center portal which provides a structured source of enriched information and knowledge, certified by Talend, where you can quickly and easily find out how to make best use of the full range of Talend products.

Talend provides community user with a 30 days free trial of talend data integration product(TIS studio only, subscription license)
For more information about talend trial product, please refer to:

Here is certification term of use:

Best regards

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