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#1 2009-02-22 02:28:21

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Andi said:


Tags: [babili, german, guides]

Anyone working on a german translation of the guide? Can I get involved?

Jemand grade dran die Benutzeranleitung ins Deutsche zu übersetzen?
Darf ich mitmachen?


#2 2009-02-22 22:50:56

Volker Brehm
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Volker Brehm said:

Re: Guides?


a good point to start would be the Software with Babili. It is not finished at all. I think especially the different components are missing.

About the documentation itself: I have no knowledge about translation plans. But I think Elisa will correct me the next week if I'm wrong.

It would be a good idea at all. The problem is who would be made updates for further releases? Is the community big enough?



#3 2009-02-23 11:37:22

Talend Team

esabot said:

Re: Guides?

Hi guys,

Many thanks for your proposal!
Indeed the first place to start with is the Babili portal, so that the software gets localized at least! :-)

Regarding the User guide, to be honest, at the moment, there is no plan (that I'm aware of) to translate it into any other language than French (because we have the staff inhouse).
The problem indeed will be the maintenance of the translations and also that we use a particular authoring tool (Adobe FrameMaker), very popular in the writing field, but that is not quite "open" if you see what I mean. (I came from proprietary world and never used tools like Latex before... but if you have suggestions for migrating from FM to Latex... maybe I should ask for components in TOS... ;-)

Thanks for your interest.


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