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#1 2017-02-22 15:01:44

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apotti said:

Unable to upload files to data prep -An error occurred during upload

Talend version 6.2.1
Data prep was installed successfully, mongoDB is embedded. We are able to access the data prep portal. But while trying to upload a file, the UI says the following "An error occurred during upload"

app.log file shows the following error messages:
"2017-02-21 16:42:24.439 qtp840  ERROR o.t.d.e.TDPExceptionController
An error occurred
org.talend.dataprep.exception.TDPException: UNABLE_TO_ANALYZE_COLUMN_TYPES:{}
 at org.talend.dataprep.command.GenericCommand.lambda$callOnError$61(
 at ~[dataprep-backend-common-1.3.0.jar:1.3.0]
at$ ~[hystrix-core-1.5.0.jar:1.5.0]
 at$ "
2017-02-21 16:44:46.470 qtp840  ERROR o.t.d.d.s.a.s.SchemaAnalysis   Unable to analyse schema for dataset 62a7c4d7-6a30-4604-a7de-6b3e81d5ebeb.
 at org.talend.dataquality.semantic.index.JARDirectory.listAll( ~[dataquality-semantic-1.5.3.jar:?]


#2 2017-03-06 09:23:22

Talend Team

shong said:

Re: Unable to upload files to data prep -An error occurred during upload

Which file format? Can you provide an example file to reproduce the problem?

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