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#1 2017-02-24 01:56:38


dgitonga said:

Conditional inputs

I have been using Talend Data Preparation for a while; how do I execute the following scenario:
Say I have a column A (with date values). Now I wish to populate another column B depending on what value is found on column A. For example, if column A has a date of 25/12/2016, I would wish to populate column B with prefix Merry Christmas! and concatenated with 25/12/2016 so that the output is: Merry Christmas! 25/12/2016.
If column A is empty, I would wish to populate column B with prefix Ordinary day and concatenated with the date so that the output is: Ordinary Day 27/12/2016
Any assistance will be highly appreciated. Thank you.

#2 2017-02-24 11:36:27

Talend Team

gvaznunes said:

Re: Conditional inputs


The approach is to filter on column A and then apply the desired function on column B on the filtered rows only. See … =267099901 for a detailed example.




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