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#1 2017-03-28 11:03:27

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callum.cox said:

HTTP 503 Issue when reordering columns.

I'm trying out Data Prep v1.3 but I am encountering frequent issues when trying to reorder columns within Data Prep (I have experienced similar issues when manipulating the data in the columns too).
The current request URL is the following: … 8067634b1c
where the action in the request is "reorder".
Looking at the network traffic I cannot see any response coming back from the local server and it appears that the application has frozen (the interface just shows as "Processing...").  If I leave the application for a while, I start to get HTTP 503 errors appearing 
I have attached  which I cleared before I started using the application.
Hope you can help?

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#2 2017-03-28 16:32:32

Talend Team

vjaouen said:

Re: HTTP 503 Issue when reordering columns.

a http connection leak issue was identified in data-prep 1.3. It especially shows with lookup steps.
This problem will be fixed in 2.1.
Meanwhile, can you try update the file these parameters (it should delay the problem)

  • http.pool.size=200

  • jetty.threadPool.maxThreads=200

Best regards,
Vincent (team Talend)


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