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#1 2009-03-19 15:15:48

Talend Team

esabot said:

Install your Eclipse Language pack in a couple of clicks!

If you want to make the most of the localized version for Talend Open Studio, we recommend you to install  the eclipse language pack.

Note that we plan to include all Eclipse language packs (for babili languages) in TOS 3.1 GA release. Therefore this procedure won't be
required in the future.

But for this milestone release, please download your local language pack from Eclipse website

Once your language pack (e.g.: is downloaded.
Then follow the procedure to install it:
- Unzip the language pack at the root of your talend open studio installation directory
- when prompted, click yes to overwrite the Features and Plugins folders with the unzipped ones
- Open a commandline window (on Windows: Start > Run > cmd)
- Change directory to reach the talend open studio installation directory (cd [path to install])
- then type in: TalendOpenStudio-[Version_of_your_exec_file_based_on_your_OS].exe -clean -nl [your language initials]
For example for a French language pack on Win 32: TalendOpenStudio-win32-x86.exe  -clean -nl fr
This should launch talend open studio and make permanent the language pack used by Eclipse.

And there you go!
For other information regarding the new TOS build including the babili translations, read:


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