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#1 2013-09-18 22:20:16
121 posts said:

Enterprise forum - moderate it to only enterprise things?

If you could think of a graceful way to keep the Talend Enterprise Data Integration clear of questions about Studio, I think that would make both that forum and the main Open Studio forum more useful. 

I realize the header already says "outside of Talend Open Studio for Data Integration scope.".  Maybe instead of calling that Forum "General Questions", something like "TAC, SVN, Tomcat, etc. configuration and usage".  And when customer post Studio questions in there, move them to the right forum - where they'll get more eyes, so it's good for the customer. 

If you cultivate good on topic questions on that board, it's one more valuable resource for customers interested in subscriptions.  As it is, the Enterprise DI forum is not a good source of relevant info for someone interested in browsing about talend admin issues.   It's not "good but with issues" or "sort of ok", it's just plain not good.


#2 2013-09-19 01:13:33

L. Magruder

L. Magruder said:

Re: Enterprise forum - moderate it to only enterprise things?

Embarrassingly, given that i was talking about staying on topic, I meant this for "Non technical discussions" under Open Studio for DI, but if you can leave it here that would be great - I posted a link asking other customers to chime in if they agreed.  Thanks.

#3 2013-09-19 14:24:12

Talend Team

esabot said:

Re: Enterprise forum - moderate it to only enterprise things?

Got your point. We'll take care of moving wrongly positioned topics to the most relevant forum.
However Enterprise questions could include some Studio related enterprise features, so we are always a bit reserved to move topics if not clearly misplaced.

But we'll try to improve this in the future. Thanks for the advice.

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