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#1 2013-12-13 14:50:22

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fabienj said:

MDM on existing database


I've seen webinar on talend MDM that explain how do apply data quality and  MDM base on a XML metamodel that can be imported or that can be build and modified on the fly using TOS.

I've not understood where is the database. I know I can integrated data from other databases, but my need is not this one:

I have a database with referential data in postgresql. It was expeted that a backoffice shoud be build. We now prefer keep this database, the relational schema and the data, and we hope that a tool like talend MDM and talend DQ allow us exploiting this database:
- using web interface ou manage data, modify it, etc.
- using workflow
- being able to add a column in the schema that adds automatically a column in the postgresql table

Does Talend accept to work as an "overlay" on a sgbdr ? Do you suggest me another tool ?



#2 2013-12-13 15:27:45

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oarmand said:

Re: MDM on existing database

fabienj, Talend MDM cannot plug itself into an existing schema. Talend MDM manages its own schema and data, you must use data integration jobs to import and export from your existing data base to Talend MDM.
This can be done with scheduled batch jobs or asynchronously in a even-driven way. Talend DI's CDC components may help you for the second scenario.


#3 2013-12-13 15:41:12

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hotline_crlr_esb said:

Re: MDM on existing database

Do you know another software product that could achieve my goal ?



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