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#1 2008-10-16 11:15:12

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dovidio said:

Topology: check and repair to

I' d like to read from a multipolygon SHP file in which some points don't form a closed linestring. It i s a tipical topological problem but because of GeoTools error it is non possibile to read successfully the input file. For this my SHP file must be corrected before use SDI (for example wtih of GRASS). I think it is necessary to check and repair geometries directly inside SDI..
In this way I am not able to use isValid control after reading "bad" SHP file because the Exception is in the first step (SHP file input) :-(

How Can I do ?



#2 2008-10-16 14:22:14

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mcoudert said:

Re: Topology: check and repair to


For the time being it is not possible to handled this king of data in SDI because of Geotools as you said.
Indeed, to handled geometries in SDI we are using Datastore model from Geotools.

You should provide to SDI valid shapefile or data sources to be handled by Geotools, and then by SDI.
FYI, you'll not be able to use your invalid shapefile in other GeoTools based package such as uDig, geoserver, ....



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