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#1 2016-03-15 12:29:46

Talend Team

ctoum said:

UPGRADE 1.0.1 available for download

We cannot thank you enough for using Talend Data Preparation Free Desktop. Especially those among you who reported issues and suggestions for improvement through the embedded feedback form, the e-mail, or/and right here on the forum.

This precious feedback helped us pinpoint performance bottlenecks and issues. We are happy to announce that we released a 1.0.1 version focused on performance upgrades and import/export fixes:

  • Reduced memory consumption when adding a new dataset

  • Import larger Excel files: as a result, we increased the auto-truncation safeguard from 10K to 30K rows

  • Import performance improvement (our bechmarks shows a 3 to 4x improvement)

  • Significant recipe performance improvement when adding a new function (up to 10x)

This upgrade focuses on performance improvements but we took the opportunity to fix a few issues as well:

  • [TDP-1038] - Cascading issues in certain situations where a recipe function would create new columns subsequently used by the next functions

  • [TDP-1307] - Cells with invalid values not correctly marked as invalid

  • [TDP-1378] - Submit button of the Split function disabled when <tab> or <space> separators are selected

  • [TDP-1413] - Changing a numeric value by editing the cell + 'apply all' does nothing and may cause "server errors"

  • [TDP-1455] - Split function puts the preparation in an error state under certain circumstances

  • [TDP-1502] - Replace function could not replace line-feeds i.e. '\n' in a multi line cell (and no other regex would work either)

You can download this new release right now from this link. Your existing datasets and recipes will not be affected by the upgrade.

We will keep you updated when we publish new release of the Talend Data Preparation Free Desktop with many more fixes and improvements. In the meantime, we appreciate your feedbacks and participation in our community.


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