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#1 2016-08-15 15:19:00

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nctalend said:

[resolved] Survivorship rules - Define hierarchy of sources based on Priority

Hi - I would like to define the hierarchy of the sources for my incoming data based on which I select the survivor and I have close to 100+ sources that I rely on to get this info. Below is a simple example which will span across multiple sources.

First_Name    Middle_Name    Last_Name    Source
Amy                                      Fisher           Source X
Amy              L                      Fisher           Source Y
Amie             L                      Houk             Source Z
Amy                                     Houk              Source J

In the above example I would like to define my rules based on the priority of the Sources as follows i.e if I have value in the first source(Source X) then that wins and ignore the rest, if I dont have value in First source(Source X) but in second(Source Y) then i take the second source value and ignore the rest and so on...
I looked at the current documentation of the tRuleSurvivorship component in Talend Help center and it mentions that for these kind of nested rule scenarios we will need to manually code the rules in Drools language.Also I noticed that we cannot contextualize the expression values that we enter in the tRuleSurvivorship component to pass values that define the rules dynamically.

However I may have 100+ sources and coding manually for so many sources with the nested if else statements as mentioned would be very inefficient for me. Can you please let me know if there is a better way to handle these kind of Survivorship rules by setting the priority of the sources in a hierarchical fashion in talend than coding manually?


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#2 2016-08-16 17:12:54

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asebastianelli said:

Re: [resolved] Survivorship rules - Define hierarchy of sources based on Priority

I would say you are right, you just need to write your code in a efficient way smile


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