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#1 2016-10-12 22:47:25

sreecharan rao yadagiri
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sreecharan rao yadagiri said:

7. Right Answers For The Question (choose all that apply.....)

Question: What is the purpose of the SVN ?

1) Repository for talend projects.

2) Can store shared libraries  such as JDBC drivers or custom jars.

3) Provides a versioning system for talend objects/projects.

4) Supports jobs binaries storage.

5) Supports SVN merge 


#2 2016-10-14 08:06:36

Talend Team

xdshi said:

Re: 7. Right Answers For The Question (choose all that apply.....)

The SVN server will store all your project data (Jobs, Database connections, Routines, Joblets, etc.) in the shared Repository of the Talend Studio.
Please take a look at document about:TalendHelpCenter:Setting+up+your+Repository+on+Git+or+SVN for details.
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