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#1 2017-03-02 11:00:19

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ssky said: connection refused

I am trying to connect to this talend repos using maven … TalendOpen
but I got this error 
Could not transfer artifact
lend.core.runtime:pom:6.2.1 from/to talend_open (
/nexus/content/repositories/TalendOpenSourceRelease): Connect to newbuild.talend
.com:8081 [] failed: Connection refused: connect
I am getting the same error at home (no proxy)  
when putting in internet browser I get this error 
can't connect to the server 
Is there any setting to setup in maven setting.xml ?
Any Help 

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#2 2017-03-06 08:01:56

Talend Team

xdshi said:

Re: connection refused

Could you please try this to see if it works? Our IT team has changed our server, recently.
Best regards

What we can do is to make sure that Talend will be your best choice!


#3 2017-03-08 09:37:34

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ssky said:

Re: connection refused

Hi Sabrina,

That's bette, thank you, but I still can't download jars from the new talend repository
 (It works when I do it manually from browser )

The proxy is set in the maven settings.xml file 

The error is the following 

Failed to execute goal on project XXX:
 Failed to collect dependencies at
time:jar:6.2.0: Failed to read artifact descriptor for
end.core.runtime:jar:6.2.0: Could not transfer artifact
lend.core.runtime:pom:6.2.0 from/to talend_open (http://https://artifacts-oss.ta Failed to transfer
 file: http://
e.runtime-6.2.0.pom. Return code is: 503 , ReasonPhrase:Service Unavailable

Is the server serves only clients authenticated through SSL protocol ?

Any idea ? thanks

best regards


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