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#1 2017-03-21 01:14:37

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dytanaka said:

Help with Parsing a field with multiple abbreviations

I apologize it this has been asked before but could not find anything.  I have to parse a field that has similar but multiple and different abbreviations for the same terms.  I need to break out each term into its own field.  I could just code each exception in various components but the maintenance would be a nightmare as new parts come online not to mention the thousands of parts already there.  Is there a best practices for this?  Or at least a structure that could make maintenance easier.  I was thinking a translation table or such that could be maintained but all I see is pain.  Any suggestions would be appreciated.
Here is an example of what I mean:
Company 1|Part 1534|Category A Shelf 3 Super Widgets Tier 1
Company 2|Part 1534|CATA  Shelf3 T1 Great Super Widgets
Company 1|Part 1534|Widgets Cat a Shelf 3 T1
Company 4|Part 1534|The Best Widget Tier 1 Category A Shelf 3
Company 4|   Part 1534|Tier 1: Widget Cat B Shelf 7
To become
Company 1|Part 1534| Tier 1|Category A|Shelf 3|Widgets
Company 2|Part 1534| Tier 1|Category A|Shelf 3|Widgets
Company 4|Part 1534| Tier 1|Category A|Shelf 3|Widgets

Company 4|   Part 1534| Tier 1|Category A|Shelf 7|Widgets


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