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#1 2017-04-04 23:26:59


quinnj105 said:

String Functions or Parsing Data

Is there a quick way to parse a set of numbers and place in two new columns?  I have US a column of US postal codes -- 9 total digits.  The left 5 digits are standard zip code.  The last four digits are the + 4 postal code...the combined set are commonly referred to as zip+4.

#2 2017-04-05 18:29:34

Talend Team

gvaznunes said:

Re: String Functions or Parsing Data


Use the function "Extract parts of text" twice:

  1. From beginning to index 5

  2. From index 5 to the end

You will have your 2 new columns respectively with the first 5 digits and the 4 last ones.




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