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#1 2009-12-12 09:00:07

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PaulMandalka said:

New Translation Bulk-Load doesn't seem to work

I translated some strings in the new Babili Remote and tried to reimport them (following the Tutorial).
But it doesn't seem to work.

What I get is:

An overview of my new translated words (English-Reference and German translation - like shown in the Tutorial) - "87 translation(s) added"

But below this overview I get an error-message like this:

CREATE TABLE translation_1260604442752151 ( id_key int(11) default '', id_lang int(3) default '', translation longtext default '' collate 'utf8_general_ci', id_user_trans int(11) default '0', date timestamp default 'CURRENT_TIMESTAMP', PRIMARY KEY (id_key,id_lang) ) ; - Invalid default value for 'id_key'

And the imported translations doesn't seem to be imported.

Is there any problem with it?


#2 2009-12-14 12:09:30

Talend Team

plegall said:

Re: New Translation Bulk-Load doesn't seem to work

Hi Paul Mandalka,

Thank you for trying the new bulk mode and reporting the bug. We didn't see the bug during our test sessions because it only occurs when you have more than 10 strings added/updated (and we have made many tests, but always with less than 10 strings at once)

[Bug] 10640

The bug is now fixed and you can perform a new import of your Babili Remote exported project. Not a single translation you made offline should be lost :-)


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