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#1 2011-12-12 13:48:09

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vp_talend3 said:

Talend ESB Getting Started

I am a new user of Talend ESB, and I began by example <<Build a simple SayHello data service>> from the manual "Talend_ESB_GettingStarted_UG_50_EN". Everything worked fine until the step in the creation of the route mediation. When runing the SayHello consumer (job) I get this message "The PayLoad elements cannot fit with the message parts of the BindingOperation. Please check the BindingOperation and PayLoadMessage."
Has anyone any idea what this message in console mean?
Thanks in advance.


#2 2011-12-12 13:54:30

Talend Team

zubairov said:

Re: Talend ESB Getting Started


The problem is that cCXF component does not let you send the XML you are trying to send to the remote Web service. It seems the root element of XML you are trying to send does not match any of the operations described in WSDL.
Please check the XML root element and the namesake wherever it matches at least one operation of the service.



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