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#1 2008-01-30 10:41:36

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Fxp said:

SpatialDataIntegrator version 1.1 is available

The new release 1.1 of SpatialDataIntegrator project is available. SDI is an opensource Spatial ETL (Extract Transform & Load) based on Talend Open Studio for read/write common GIS formats, manipulating features, metadata creation and publication.

  * GIS Format : PostGIS, Shapefile, MIF/MID, GeoRSS
  * 37 geospatial components … onentslist : Buffer, Centroid, CoordinateFetcher, Dissolver, BoundingBox, Clipper, GetElevation, GetpostalCode, CataloguePublisher, ...

SpatialDataIntegrator is using:

This new release is available for download

== New == 
  * 2 new Families
    * Geocoding with sFindPostalCode and sFindPlaceName components
    * DataQuality with sGeomValidator component
  * 12 new Components
    * sGeomValidator : Return info on if geometry is valid or not
    * sInsidePointExtrator : Generate a point which are guaranteed to be on the feature area.
    * sPointsCounter : Retrieve the number of points of the geometry.
    * sBoundaryReplacer : Replace the geometry of a polygon by the boundary of the feature (ie. line)
    * sClipperBox : Clip geometries from the input to the box. Resulting geometries are the intersection of all features with the box defined.
    * sGetGeomSRID : Get SRID for each geometry feature and add the identifier of the SRID in a new column
    * sProj : Reproject geometry
    * sGeoNames : Contact GeoNames webservices (thanks to the team
    * sFindPostalCode : Use GeoNames webservice to find nearby postal codes / reverse geocoding
    * sFindPlaceName : Use GeoNames webservice to find nearby place name / reverse geocoding
    * sGetElevation : Use GeoNames webservice to get elevation from SRTM or GTOPO30 datasets
    * sCataloguePublisher : Publish metadata produce by an sGeoOutput (eg. Shapefile, MIFMID, ...) component to a catalogue (ie. GeoNetwork)
  * Added ant script to install/compile/packFromSDI
  * Added demo geodata and demo workspace in SVN

== Changes ==
  * Simplify schema definition for the geometry column. Added the_geom column by default for input and output components.
  * sShapefileOutput : Added force output CRS using epsg code
  * sMapinfoOutput : Added force output CRS using epsg code
  * sPostGISOutput : Added output CRS using epsg code
  * sBufferCalculator : Added buffer parameters End cap style and Curve approximation
  * Migration from JTS 1.7 to 1.9

== Bugs fixed ==
  * Geom needs to be the first schema element for MIF output
  * sGeoRssOutput : Fixed issue with namespaces


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