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#1 2011-10-14 09:01:09

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harish_bang said:

Unable to get output in Talend MDM Web UI

I created a simple Data Model with 2 entities. I exported the data model, created a data container for the same, created a job to load the data from an excel file in one of the entities.The job ran successfully after which i deployed it. I can see the data being loaded into the data container but in the WEB UI, when i try to browse records, it does not show any entity .Please help.Its URGENT


#2 2012-05-05 12:11:43

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sit.sachin said:

Re: Unable to get output in Talend MDM Web UI


I am also facing the same problem. In my case I have created the Data entity , data container , data model and also browse item view and deployed those to the server.

I have manually entered few records in the Data Container which is visible from Talend Open studio.

In my UI I am able to add records to  my data model and data container but while I am selecting a data entity ( By Choosing the appropriate data model and data container) No records are visible in the UI. Even though it is visible in Open Studio Server View.

UI throwing an error:

Check the server log. What could be the probable Error.

Please let me now....

Thanks in advance....



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